Every year, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress coordinates National Holodomor Awareness Week in late November with its member organizations. As in past years, the UCC kindly asks that you forward details about your events as planned for this year’s commemoration of the Holodomor to the UCC Head Office ( as soon as they are finalized. The UCC will post the information on the UCC website, which serves as an excellent resource for our community, the Canadian public, public officials, and the media.

The UCC encourages the Ukrainian Canadian community to incorporate the following components into their local programs for national continuity:

People of Truth

In addition to the Holodomor resources available to us in Canada, please visit the web site of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance for additional resources. We draw your attention specifically to a series of posters that was produced for the 2015 commemorations – People of Truth, that highlights individuals who tried to reveal the truth of the Holodomor to the world. The series is available for downloading at the links provided. Please note, however, that the posters include the date of Holodomor Memorial Day in 2015, not 2016.


Honoring survivors

We honour the survivors among us and include them in commemorations. We encourage survivors to share their story with our children, youth, the community, Canadians, and the media. We also emphasize the need to include the descendants of survivors in our events. They are key to ensuring that the stories live on. Please use the following two websites that feature the poignant testimonies of Holodomor survivors (available with English subtitles):


Reading names of victims

We continue to personalize this horrific crime by remembering individuals by name. The names of victims should be read, including the village in which they resided and the age at which they perished.

International Holodomor Memorial Day: Saturday, November 28, 2015

Let us remember together. On Saturday November 28, 2015 we encourage all Canadians to take a moment to remember the victims:

  • At 19:32 (7:32pm) local time pause for a moment of silence wherever one may be to honour the memory of the victims
  • Light a candle of remembrance in one’s home
  • Post photos of your candles on social media with your thoughts of remembrance
  • Request local churches to toll their bells ten times at 19:32 in honour of the victims


The Ukrainian Genocide: The Holodomor, 1932-1933. Workbook for Teachers and Students

By Valentina Kuryliw. A collection of resources, lesson plans, and bibliography.

Contact: / (416) 923-4732.

Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Ukraine: Documents and Materials

By Pyrih R, ed. National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv Mohyla Academy Publishing House, 2008.
Collection of archival documents and correspondence among Stalin, Molotov and Kaganovich.
Contact (for print copies): / (416) 923-4732

Contact (for e-version):

Holodomor – Ukrainian Genocide in the Early 1930s

A 24-page free booklet in English. Shipping charges may apply.

Contact: 1-866-942-4627

The Holodomor Reader

A sourcebook compiled by Bohdan Klid and Alexander Motyl. Toronto-Edmonton: Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press, 2012. A collection of key texts and materials, many available in English for the first time.




 Execution by Hunger

The unknown genocide of Ukrainians – 34 posters. Free on DVD. Shipping charges may apply.

Contact: 1-866-942-4627.

The Holodomor

Survivor testimonies. 26 minutes.

Contact: Cindy Carswell: 1-204-697-1495, ext. 555 /




UCRDC Share the Story

Share the Story

Presents the stories of 80 survivors of the Holodomor living around the world today.

Holodomor: Genocide by Famine

Ministry of Education of Manitoba (search for Holodomor)

Ukrainian Genocide Famine Foundation – USA


Information and resources compiled by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress National Holodomor Awareness Committee