Looking for education funding?

Here's a list of scholarships and awards across the country available exclusively to Ukrainian students

BCU Foundation Canada 150 Fund Scholarship ($10,000):

BCU Foundation is committed to fostering the development of future generations of scholars and young professionals who will flourish in their careers, make meaningful and lasting contributions to the development of their Ukrainian Canadian community, and continue the tradition of excellence set by Ukrainians in Canada.

BCU Financial (formerly Buduchnist Credit Union) Scholarships

BCU Financial awards scholarships to members of the Credit Union who are enrolled full time in an undergraduate or graduate university program and demonstrate both academic achievement and community leadership.

Qualification Criteria

To be eligible, students must submit a completed Scholarship Application by the posted deadline, must be members of the Credit Union for a minimum of two (2) years, and meet the specific criteria for the scholarship they are applying for. In addition, they must also exhibit community spirit by volunteering in the Ukrainian Community and supporting Ukrainian tradition, culture, and language.

BCU Scholarship

Up to four scholarships of $1,500 each for students in a post-secondary institution in any area of study. At least one scholarship is designated for a student of Ukrainian Studies.

The Wolodymyr Klish Memorial Scholarship

One scholarship of $2,500 awarded to a student enrolled in a post-secondary institution in the field of business or finance studies.

BCU Founders Scholarship

The BCU Founders Scholarship of $1,500 awarded for any area of certificate or diploma studies at an accredited college.

BCU High School Scholarship

The BCU High School Scholarship of $1,500 awarded to students who have accepted into a university or college program at an accredited post-secondary institution.