About the SUSK Congress Committee

  • The Congress Committee is a committee chaired by SUSK’s Internal Director that focuses on leading the committee to execute SUSKs annual congress for its member organizations, guests, and speakers.
  • In the recent past, members of the Congress Committee have successful completed two virtual congresses, while engaging delegated in an interactive and innovative way.
  • Recently, the Committee has begun working on planning the 2024 SUSK Congress that is planned to be hosted in Toronto, Ontario


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Maya Pankiw (she/her)

Committee Chair

USO: McMaster Ukrainian Students Association


Kira Dzulynsky (he/him)

Committee Member

USO: McGill Ukrainian Students Association

Tetyana Dyachyshyn (she/her)

Committee Member

USO: University of Manitoba Ukrainian Students’ Association

Aleksandra Maciruta (she/her)

Committee Member

USO: Ukrainian Students’ Club U of T

Michaela Yarmol-Matusiak (she/they)

Committee Member

USO: Western University Ukrainian Students’ Association

Ben Dore-Waschtschuk (he/him)

Committee Member

USO: Toronto Metropolitan Ukrainian Students’ Club

Chloe Smith (she/her)

Committee Member

USO: University of Alberta Ukrainian Students Society

Eugenie Kowal (she/her)

Committee Member

USO: University of Guelph Ukrainian Students Guelph

Marichka Bokovnia (she/her)

SUSK National Coordinator