SUSK supports its membership of Ukrainian Student Organizations (USOs) at post-secondary institutions across the country by offering ways to fund events, a toolkit to help maintain the USO’s presence on campus and in the community, and guidelines for creating a USO on campus. SUSK also provides resources on Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Canadian history, such as the Holodomor and Ukrainian Internment Camps in Canada, to bring awareness to Ukrainian culture and history in Canadian post-secondary institutions.


So, you want to start a USO on your campus. Here’s what you need:

Read this guideline that outlines the process of creating or reviving a USO. It highlights how to form your team, become officially recognized at your post-secondary institution, attract members, and much more.

Use this template when creating your constitution for your USO. Edit it according to your USO’s needs and your post-secondary institution’s requirements.


Access the SUSK Toolkits — a compilation of resources and tips for USOs in event planning, club promotions, and raising awareness for Ukrainian culture and heritage.


We have a variety of educational information and resources on Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Canadian culture, history, and politics available to our member USOs on our website. For more information about organizing an event to commemorate the Holodomor or Internment Camps in Canada, please contact our External Director.


SUSK invites all Ukrainian Student Organizations across Canada to apply for the USO Project Grant. The application for 2022-23 can be found here.