Equity, Commitment, and Action Policy

The Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union (SUSK)’s vision is to be a pillar for equity, diversity, and inclusion within the Ukrainian Canadian Community that fosters connection and unity with various cultures and organizations that encompass the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada. This vision requires an active commitment to human rights, equity, and fairness. Thus, the purpose of this policy is to provide an overarching statement of policy that applies to all activities, initiatives, and internal workings of the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union (SUSK). The policy outlines SUSK’s four guiding principles that guide our work, pertinent and important definitions of terms, our stance on issues relating to anti-oppression and equity, and procedures for reporting, handling, and addressing harassment. The appendices outline aims for accessibility and references the Ukrainian Anti-Racist Communities Calls to Action.

With this policy, we hope to promote inclusion within the Ukrainian community, the broader Canadian community, and beyond borders to an international sphere. We strive to foster an environment that enables all members of the community to feel welcomed, valued, and respected. Along with the policy, SUSK has introduced the role of Inclusion and Diversity Officer, with one of their main tasks being to ensure the aims of the Equity, Commitment, and Action Policy are incorporated into the organization to the best of our organization’s abilities. The Officer also leads and supports an advocacy committee and seeks to support SUSK and the Ukrainian student member organizations with equity-seeking initiatives and inquiries.

Voted in at SUSK’s 2021 Congress, the Equity, Commitment, and Action Policy is effective as of August 29, 2021. Read it below or download it here