Ukraine’s most prolific poet, writer and artist Taras Shevchenko once famously said “Учітесь, читайте, чужого научайтесь, й свого не цурайтесь”. Translated into English Shevchеnko’s words mean “Teach, read and learn from others, but do not forget that which is your own”.

Ukrainian studies are one of the primary channels through which the Ukrainian heritage can be passed on from one generation to the next. Studying Ukrainian language and history connects us to our past. A strong knowledge base in such topics helps to maintain Ukrainian heritage and culture. Our best tools for building the future come from knowing the past. This being the case, SUSK is fully committed to the ongoing promotion and growth of Ukrainian studies in Canada. We strongly encourage everyone to get involved in some form of Ukrainian studies, such as: Ukrainian language lessons, Ukrainian history classes, Ukrainian folklore readings, etc. Participants will find their learning experience extremely beneficial and rewarding.

Most university as well as public libraries have a wealth of books and articles relating to some aspect of Ukrainian studies. We encourage everyone to make use of these wonderful resources. Some universities offer Ukrainian language and history courses which are available to students for university credit. Many other Ukrainian organizations also offer similar learning opportunities. In addition, a great number of personal tutors offer individual language lessons which can work around busy student schedules. You can contact your local Ukrainian Students’ Organization and ask about Ukrainian studies resources in your area. Local Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) branches are also a great avenue through which to find Ukrainian studies opportunities.

Your Baba will be very impressed when you complement her on her varenyky in Ukrainian! Dido will be equally impressed that you recognize historical figures such as Stepan Bandera, Volodymyr Velykey or Ivan Franko when talking to him.

The resources are available; it is up to you to make use of them. Make it a personal goal to improve your knowledge of your Ukrainian heritage and get involved in Ukrainian studies today!

Click here for a list of Ukrainian studies resources.